Monday, February 26, 2018

Rest in Peace, Payton

The Dude, a Mini-Mexi-Red, Magic Little Red Dog, the cool ruler was a best friend and companion through almost fourteen years of life on Earth. He materialized into our realitiy in Prosser, WA after being found in a Chevy dealership parking lot at a guess of less than a year of age.
We took our last cruise to the beach yesterday and scored a sweet set of moments with key members of da pack. Having held fast since diagnosed at the beginning of 2018, Payton was ready to be rid of the pain associated with bone cancer.
Through epic adventures, zenful sloth sessions, and other worldly moments in-between he became a trusted co-pilot and force to be guided and grounded by.
Often said by passers by, he was the "perfect size" and his demeanor welcomed children & kindred souls, while keeping sketchy dogs and questionable humans in check. Payton was the fastest dog on the beach and running down balls on turf... He mobbed through pow like a porpoise, and always had a solid stance whether rallying in the race car or cruising easy style in the van.
More than a dog of course: a best man, brother, friend, a true loving companion like no other. He snuggled and watched over us from day one and gifted us a prime example of the bond that exists in a strong Pack.
Payton lived an epic loved life and enjoyed all of the best parks, scenic walks and runs, beach missions for camp and surf, runs to the hills for snow play, and the coziest home & family vibes a parking lot dog could wish for.
For all that met him, you know. We celebrate this magic dog, THE BEST DOG, Payton through shared memories with you and everyone he crossed paths with along the trail.
See ya out there buddy, I LOVE YOU.